Top-Rated Los Angeles Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer to Help You Secure Fair Settlement

Top-Rated Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer

In California, pedestrian accidents continue to become a critical public safety concern. Nearly 13,000 pedestrian accident injuries occurred in the state each year, based on the California Department of Public Health. When crashes eventuate, victims can suffer disastrous injuries. If this happens to you or your loved one, talk to a a top-rated pedestrian accidents…

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LA Product Liability Attorney: California Product Liability Laws

LA Product Liability Attorney

Excellent LA product liability attorney: Product liability means manufacturers, distributors, or sellers are held liable or accountable for putting a risky or faulty product in the customers’ hands. California has two major legal principles any injured victim can base a product liability claim against negligence and strict liability.   As an injured victim seeking compensation, you…

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